Huron Bay Co-operative is accepting new members.

As a member you are able to exercise a vote on company policies, you are also able to vote on the election of your board of directors, nominated from our pool of members and we also have special member pricing on some of our products and on some flyers.

We use the funds generated to strengthen the position of the co-operative and for financing new capital purchases to provide better service to you our members and customers. To become a member of the co-op requires a $15 one-time non-refundable membership fee. Huron Bay Co-operative offers a $500 basic member loan with a 10 year term at BMO Prime plus 2% interest per annum. This loan is required before any patronage can be paid out. Members are entitled to patronage refunds when declared by your co-operative. Being a member also allows you to invest monies in special member loans that are currently returning:

2.95 % per annum 1 year
3.45 % per annum 3 year
4.45 % per annum 5 year

Find our basic member loan interest letter here.

If you would like to discuss investing in your Co-operative, please contact
your local branch manager or Controller Rob Gordon – Email: or G.M Kelly Boyle – Email: or call 519-392-8692