• Our highly qualified staff is available to take soil samples and make recommendations to optimize your fertilizer benefits and offer you the best return on your investment. We are then able to custom blend fertilizer to suit your individual needs. We also offer Alpine liquid starter and popular fertilizer blends are available in bags.

• You have the option of having our professional staff custom apply your dry and liquid fertilizer or if you prefer we have a fleet of well maintained spreaders.


• We carry a large line of corn, soybean, small grain and forage seeds, offering the best genetics from DEKALB, PRIDE, NK, C&M, SNOBELEN, BRAMHILL, PROSEEDS and WL ALFALFA. We also offer custom forage mixes available at most locations.


Crop Application

• We stock a complete line of crop protection products. The herbicides, insecticides and fungicides can be custom applied or bought over the counter to qualified growers*. If you prefer custom application you can be assured it will be done with modern, well maintained and accurate equipment.

• All our custom operators are fully trained and licensed to provide you with the highest quality of service.

* A qualified grower is a person that has a valid pesticide licence.


Aerial Crop Spraying

Huron Bay Co-operative has secured the services of Expedition Helicopters to apply fungicides and insecticides for Huron Bay Co-operative customers this coming year.

We have an opportunity to be first out with something new and unique that will result in more profit for our customers through healthier beans and corn. Also a fungicide on corn has been proven to eliminate or greatly reduce vomitoxins in corn–which can have severe consequences on the health of livestock fed grains with excess vom levels. Also if corn cutworms hit high enough thresholds to warrant an insecticide –aerial is a good option.

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Please find below a video from Forage Genetics on HravXtra Alfalfa. Note that it features a couple of Ontario Growers using WL Alfalfa. This demonstrates what our new WL 341HVX.RR Alfalfa can bring to the table for our Dairy Producers.

For more information call or e-mail our agronomy sales team or contact a location nearest to you.