Aerial Crop Spraying

Huron Bay Co-operative has secured the services of Expedition Helicopters to apply fungicides and insecticides for Huron Bay Co-operative customers this coming year.

We have an opportunity to be first out with something new and unique that will result in more profit for our customers through healthier beans and corn. Also a fungicide on corn has been proven to eliminate or greatly reduce vomitoxins in corn–which can have severe consequences on the health of livestock fed grains with excess vom levels. Also if corn cutworms hit high enough thresholds to warrant an insecticide –aerial is a good option.

Standard Operating Procedures

Product carried to field in Chemical storage area on Mix Rig.

Weather Monitoring will be accomplished using Kestrel Handheld weather instruments and internet service available at camp. The internet will allow access to weather radar allowing for more accurate prediction of weather system movement. Staff will be trained.

Application records kept by the pilot will show time of application, target of application, weather (temperature humidity wind speed and direction) load size with chemical usage broke out.

Mix Sheets showing the load target, load size, chemical and water, batch time and load time will be kept by the mix rig operators. Weather will also be recorded and transmitted by radio to the pilots on each load.

The Chemical handling systems are of the closed type. Once the chemical and water are onboard the mix rig they are then metered and transferred through a closed system to the mix tank. The content of the mix tank is then metered and uploaded to the aircraft.

Using our closed fuel system designed by Expedition Helicopters’ aircraft Maintenance Department, the helicopter can be refueled each time a load is taken. This efficiently allows the Pilot to operate with only the fuel needed to carry out the mission at hand.

Expedition will perform extensive training to its personnel for the use of this system, as well as, complete an in-house risk assessment.

Application will be carried out using AgNav Ghuia guidance systems onboard the aircraft. The AgNav systems employed by Expedition Helicopters can utilize SHP or NO1 files created from the KML or KMZ files from customers and generates SHP or NO1 type files for recording the application. The AgNav allows for accurate application of the product and gives the customer an excellent tool for answering any public safety concerns regarding off target chemical use.

The crews will be housed in fully self-contained portable crew houses on site. Portable satellite Internet for communications and weather monitoring will be part of the portable camp. 

Expedition Helicopters has an extensive Integrated Safety System (IMS) to ensure safe operations. We have a Transport Canada approved training system for all our Pilots and our own in-house Approved Maintenance.


For more information call or e-mail our agronomy sales team or contact a location nearest to you.